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Did you know that the cost of cybercrime alone in Australia was $29 Billion in 2020?  A survey undertaken by the Australian Cyber Security Centre found 62% of the 1763 small businesses that responded have been a victim of Cybercrime. In 2022, a ransomware attack occurred every 11 seconds. With digital technologies taking over how we run our business and serve customers we were concerned to read 97% of respondents didn’t know enough about Backup and Disaster Recovery systems and probably didn’t have enough protection in place!

CyberX was started by two IT professionals who saw that a lot of their Small – Medium business clients did not have cost effective and reliable backup or Disaster Recovery services in place.

CyberX offers a complete Disaster Recovery service to small – medium businesses where their server fails, was stolen or damaged by fire or flood etc., victim of a virus, or the ever-increasing Ransomware attacks. The service means even if their server and its contents were lost, business operations can be resumed very quickly.

CyberX is exclusively dedicated to offering Australian Small businesses a cost-effective IT backup service that is simple and above all reliable – AND offers a money back guarantee!

CyberX is an Australian company and stores all customer data in Sydney, Australia.

CyberX have developed a simple, straightforward, automated backup system that once active, requires no on-going work by the customer and features all the benefits of the large and much more expensive corporate backup solutions. This includes local and off-site backups and a guarantee that if customers have any sort of outage or issue, that a full, clean backup will be available via a Virtual Server

How the CyberX backup system works

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Key features of the CyberX backup system

    •  The backup system is a managed service;
      • This means that we monitor the backups to ensure that they’re performed.
      • We verify your backups.
      • If an error is detected we investigate and resolve.
      • We periodically perform test restores to confirm that the backups can be restored.
    • There are four copies of your backup;
      • 2 copies on-site.
      • 2 copies off-site.
    • Of the off-site copies of the backup, only 1 copy is accessible from your network
      • The fact that the second off-site copy is inaccessible, is the key to making that backup ransomware-safe.
    • Standard Backup Systems per Server
      • 2TB, 4TB, 10TB
      • Typically allows you to restore any file within the last 6 months, and up to 12 months in many instances.
    • Backup system type
      • Windows, Linux

Proof our backup system works

Alleanza Architecture logo
Charles Glanville
Alleanza Architecture

We used to have a tape backup system in place. As a backup solution it was far from ideal as the tape drive did not have the capacity to backup all our data onto a single tape which meant that we had to implement a "selective" backup. Plus, on top of that because the tape had to be changed nightly, we generally missed at least one backup per fortnight. We never did a test restore of the whole system to verify that in the event of a 'disaster' we could rely on our backups to rebuild our system.

Battery Energy Power Solutions

It is imperative that Battery Energy has a strong IT capability but the business is of a size where it is not commercially viable to maintain an in-house IT capability.

Battery Energy has been using the CyberX backup system for over 6 years for our off-site backup. The backup system has been reliable and has been able to restore files when needed.

Morson Group

We have been working with Vaughan and his team at CyberX since our company opened in 2013.

Throughout this time Vaughan has been fantastic in working with us to provide our physical server and backup systems on-site and on the cloud. We have never lost any files and have always been able to recover any files from the backups which were needed to be recovered.

client northcity group logo
Amanda Levine
North City Group

Our business is in the advice sector and this means that having a reliable and secure backup of our client data is vital. We have been really pleased with the backup system that CyberX has provided us.

The installation was done remotely, so we didn’t have to do anything to set it up and there was no down time for us in terms of being able to use our computers. It is an automatic system and we have the peace of mind of knowing that the backups are transferred off-site automatically, without us having to do anything.

Default Avatar200
David Steed
Gladwin Gray Chartered Accountants

As a Chartered Accountancy practice, our client’s data is key. While our computers can be replaced, if we were to lose our clients files that would be a disaster. So having a reliable backup of our client data is critical.

Prior to the CyberX backup system, we backed up to an on-site disk which I swapped off-site on a weekly basis. I was consistent with this practice, so the process worked, but over time it was tedious and there were times when I was away, where the disks wouldn’t be swapped until I returned. And while the backups were verified, it wasn’t feasible to do a test restore of the entire system.

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