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Web filtering – protecting your staff from malicious content.

Another key component of cyber security is Web filtering (also known as Content filtering). Web filtering is similar to e-mail screening, in the sense that both technologies look to block threats before the end-user is exposed to them. So, when e-mail screening and web filtering are doing their job, you don’t have to rely on

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Are Your Backups Safe from Ransomware Attacks?

With high-profile cyber-security breaches continually in the news, it’s common for small and medium-sized companies to be left wondering how exposed their business is to a ransomware attack. The unfortunate reality for many is that they are significantly ill-equipped, and could easily fall prey to an attack that would make an ATO audit feel like

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Email Screening: Protecting Staff from Malicious Threats

Many scam attacks are attempted via e-mail, therefore it is essential to block as many of these as possible before they are delivered to staff. Whilst Microsoft and Google include e-mail scanning, their systems are generic and often easy for scammers to circumvent. We recommend implementing an external “e-mail gateway” that scans all e-mail prior

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What is Phishing? Why You Need to Know?

I’ve mentioned numerous times the need to be careful with warning notices (and other e-mails) with links to external sites. In general, attackers will try to either install malware on your system or steal your credentials. A typical attack doing the rounds at the moment revolves around Googles legitimate warning “Government-backed attackers may be trying

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