How to Protect Your Engineering Firm from Being Held to ‘Cyber Ransom’

With high-profile cyber-security breaches continually in the news, it’s common for small and medium-sized engineering firms to be left wondering how exposed their business is to a ransomware attack.

The unfortunate reality for many is that they are significantly ill-equipped and could easily fall prey to an attack that has devastating consequences.

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What’s Inside This Expert Guide

Engineering firms typically work with large files, which requires them to maintain on-premise servers. These types of configurations can be prone to a range of cyber threats.

Cyber Security Essentials is designed to give businesses the necessary insights to help protect against being held to ‘Cyber Ransom’ by sophisticated hackers.

Here’s a snapshot of the whitepaper covers:

The Real Impacts of Ransomware

The 2020 Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Small Business Survey revealed 62% of businesses had experienced a cyber security incident. With 144 reports of cybercrime reported to the ACSC every day, firms that have not been a victim of cybercrime are in a shrinking minority and must ensure they are prepared.

Are Your Backups Ransomware Safe?

To put it bluntly, if you have an off-site backup that is accessible from your servers, then your backup is not ransomware safe. This means you are exposed to malicious software or malware encrypting your files or data, rendering them inaccessible until a ransom is paid to the attacker.

Developing a Cyber Security Plan

Every organisation should have a comprehensive Cyber Security Plan to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a ransomware attack. This guide breaks down what should go in your plan and provides a checklist and video support guide to help you each step of the way.

Staff Training That Actually Works

Security is not just about software vulnerabilities but also about people, your staff, who are often your last line of defence. Therefore, you must ensure you have training programs in place that teach and form the right behaviours. This guide breaks down how to achieve this human layer of protection.

Hear What Other CyberX Clients Have To Say…

It is imperative that Battery Energy has a strong IT capability but the business is of a size where it is not commercially viable to maintain an in-house IT capability.

Battery Energy has been using the CyberX backup system for over 6 years for our off-site backup. The backup system has been reliable and has been able to restore files when needed.
The backup system is ransomware-safe.

The backup service over this time have provided Battery Energy with an invaluable and reliable extension of the IT function for the business.

We have been working with Vaughan and his team at CyberX since our company opened in 2013.

Throughout this time Vaughan has been fantastic in working with us to provide our physical server and backup systems on-site and on the cloud. We have never lost any files and have always been able to recover any files from the backups which were needed to be recovered.

Working with CyberX has provided our practice with peace of mind that our files and systems are safe and secure. CyberX really is a safe pair of hands providing us with a reliable and prompt service which has allowed our company to grow seamlessly over the past 8 years.

client northcity group logo
Amanda Levine

Our business is in the advice sector and this means that having a reliable and secure backup of our client data is vital. We have been really pleased with the backup system that CyberX has provided us.

The installation was done remotely, so we didn’t have to do anything to set it up and there was no down time for us in terms of being able to use our computers. It is an automatic system and we have the peace of mind of knowing that the backups are transferred off-site automatically, without us having to do anything.
The backups are also ransomware-safe, so this gives an additional layer of comfort. For us, this has been a value for money solution that that provides incredible peace of mind.

Don’t Expose Your Engineering Firm to an Avoidable Ransomware Attack

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