Looking for an alternative to Datto backup?

Key reasons why you should consider the CyberX backup system

Better Price, Better Performance

Affordable disaster recovery for Australian small – medium businesses

The CyberX backup system is functionally equivalent to the Datto backup system, but CyberX delivers significantly better value.

Why does the CyberX backup system cost less than an equivalent capacity Datto backup system?


For their on-site backups, Datto use a proprietary on-site NAS appliance. The Datto NAS appliance is expensive.

In contrast, for the on-site backups, CyberX use two USB3 drives per server being protected.

The price / performance of USB3 drives has experienced exponential growth over the past 2 – 3 years which gives CyberX a technology advantage. And using two USB3 drives per server backup, provides fault-tolerance / RAID1 protection.

Sales model

Scalable Performance

CyberX also has a performance advantage.

By using dedicated USB3 drives for each server being protected, the performance of the on-site backups does not degrade as additional servers are added. That is, the CyberX approach is scalable.

In contrast, with Datto’s centralised NAS, as more computer systems are added the NAS becomes a bottleneck, or the NAS requires significant hardware performance (which adds to the price) to maintain high throughput when multiple servers are being backed up concurrently.