MailStore Archiver – Best search and bonus backup

Mailstore archiver best search and bonus backup

MailStore Archiver – Best search and bonus backup

Have you ever been frustrated with the lacklustre search abilities of Microsoft Outlook? Despite Microsoft’s continued promises of “the new improved search engine” it’s still less than stellar.

And of course it can only search the time period you have configured to download offline. It won’t find an e-mail from years ago – to do that you’ll need to go online – and hope it finds it.

We recommend and use MailStore as a replacement for Outlook’s sub-par searching. MailStore automatically archives copies of all e-mails and creates an index to ensure super-fast searching.

Furthermore MailStore serves as an offline backup of your precious e-mail. In many cases this can also save you licensing costs. For example in the event of an employee leaving there will be no need to retain an Office 365 mailbox for purely archival purposes. MailStore can also be configured to delete old e-mail (after successfully archiving it of course) reducing the need to purchase increased e-mail storage from Microsoft.

For information on how to implement MailStore in your organisation please contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

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