A Ransomware attack can destroy your business. brand reputation. Data.

  • Did you know that the cost of cybercrime alone in Australia was $29 Billion in 2020?
  • In 2022, a ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds**.
  • A survey undertaken by the Australian Cyber Security Centre found 62% of the 1762 small businesses that responded have been a victim of Cybercrime.
  • Download the 9 point checklist to help ensure your business has a road-map for being ransomware safe.

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Your checklist and video support guide contains:

Checklist of 9 actions that you can take to prevent your organisation experiencing a ransomware attack.

Learn what features to look for in a ransomware-safe backup system, so that you can rely on your backup system if it is needed.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Charles Glanville
Alleanza Architecture

We used to have a tape backup system in place. As a backup solution it was far from ideal as the tape drive did not have the capacity to backup all our data onto a single tape which meant that we had to implement a "selective" backup. Plus, on top of that because the tape had to be changed nightly, we generally missed at least one backup per fortnight. We never did a test restore of the whole system to verify that in the event of a 'disaster' we could rely on our backups to rebuild our system.

Gaby Peimer
Battery Energy Power Solutions

It is imperative that Battery Energy has a strong IT capability but the business is of a size where it is not commercially viable to maintain an in-house IT capability.

Battery Energy has been using the CyberX backup system for over 6 years for our off-site backup. The backup system has been reliable and has been able to restore files when needed.

Morson Group

We have been working with Vaughan and his team at CyberX since our company opened in 2013.

Throughout this time Vaughan has been fantastic in working with us to provide our physical server and backup systems on-site and on the cloud. We have never lost any files and have always been able to recover any files from the backups which were needed to be recovered.

Watch these videos to know, how to be ransomware safe.

Learn to prepare, prevent & recover from ransomware disasters.

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