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We used to have a tape backup system in place. As a backup solution it was far from ideal as the tape drive did not have the capacity to backup all our data onto a single tape which meant that we had to implement a "selective" backup. Plus, on top of that because the tape had to be changed nightly, we generally missed at least one backup per fortnight. We never did a test restore of the whole system to verify that in the event of a 'disaster' we could rely on our backups to rebuild our system.

The CyberX Online Backup System replaced our tape backup. The system is completely automatic, there are no tapes to change, no backups are ever missed. The backup system has the capacity for all of our data, so every night the backup is effectively a “full” backup. The backup system has been great, it works without any effort on our part. Periodically when we need to restore some deleted files there have not been any problems.

CyberX automatically verify the latest backup on a nightly basis and re-verify the full backupset on a weekly basis. They also perform periodic test restores off-site to their Standby Servers to verify that the backups actually work.

About 6 years ago when we were working on an important tender, at about 6pm one of our servers crashed and then refused to restart. We called our IT support who came on-site and determined that there was a serious hardware problem with our server. We then contacted Cyberx, who performed a restore of the server to one of their Standby Servers overnight. The next day when everyone arrived at work the Standby Server was working “business as usual” and we were able to submit the tender on time.

While the server failure was inconvenient, thanks to CyberX it wasn’t a disaster.