David Steed

Gladwin Gray Chartered Accountants
As a Chartered Accountancy practice, our client’s data is key. While our computers can be replaced, if we were to lose our clients files that would be a disaster. So having a reliable backup of our client data is critical. Prior to the CyberX backup system, we backed up to an on-site disk which I swapped off-site on a weekly basis. I was consistent with this practice, so the process worked, but over time it was tedious and there were times when I was away, where the disks wouldn't be swapped until I returned. And while the backups were verified, it wasn't feasible to do a test restore of the entire system.

Since the CyberX backup system has been in place, the system is completely automatic, and I don’t have to do anything.

CyberX automatically verify the latest backup on a nightly basis and re-verify the full backupset on a weekly basis. They also perform periodic test restores off-site to their Standby Servers to verify that the backups actually work. I’ve connected in to one of the test restores to confirm that client files that I was working on the day before, which should have been present in the restored system, were.

The CyberX backup system provides peace of mind that if we were to experience some “event” like a virus attack, that we will be able to recover and it won’t be a disaster.