Why is Staff Training a key component of your Cyber Security Plan?


Why is Staff Training a key component of your Cyber Security Plan?

So, why is staff training important?

Because security is not just about software vulnerabilities, cyber-security is also about people, your staff.

Countermeasures like anti-virus, patch management, e-mail screening, web filtering; all of these will reduce your risk of a breach.

And they’re all worth doing.

But none of these technologies should be considered perfect, all of the time.

Which is why you need a “multi-layered” approach to security.

Staff should be another “layer” of your cyber-security defence.

And staff will often be your last line of defence.

The Black Hat’s – the hackers – will target your staff to try and get their security credentials.

Or they will try to get your staff to run malicious software to provide them with unauthorized access to your network.

Or they will try to get your staff to launch a virus attack inside your network (for example, a ransomware attack).

The staff training platform has two components:

  1. Testing
    • Every month, phishing (that is, scam) e-mails, like the real-life phishing e-mails that the Black Hat’s use to try to scam end-users, are sent to staff.a delivery attempt
    • If staff click on the links in these e-mails or open any attachments, then they’re given immediate real-time feedback on what they should have looked out for.
    • How they could have identified that the e-mail was a scam e-mail.
    • Experience has shown that this approach makes staff more vigilant and more wary about clicking on links in e-mails or opening attachments.
    • On-going testing, using “real life” day-to-day scenarios, has been shown to be very effective at training staff to make smarter choices over time.
  2. The second component is training.
    • Every month, staff will be prompted to view an educational video, typically of 5 to 15 minutes duration.
    • These educational videos cover various aspects of security (for instance: not over-sharing employer activity on social media, document disposal and the like).
    • The videos are engaging and provide information in a way that it is more likely to be remembered and retained, thus leading to safer cyber-behaviour.
    • In conjunction with the testing, the training leads to better cyber-security awareness and culture over time.
If you have any questions about staff training, or you would like a demonstration of the staff training platform, or you would like a quote on the cost to implement staff training for your organization, please contact us.

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